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    Proseat N.V. - Company in Namur, Belgique - Allbiz
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    Proseat N.V. - Company in Namur, Belgique - Allbiz

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    Proseat N.V., Namur
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    Сompany address: Namur, Belgique
    Industriepark 35 Hulshout
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    De l’entreprise Proseat N.V.

    We push products forward. 150,000 foam parts are produced in our plants. Daily. To be more precise, they are upholstery parts for car seats. Our customers are automotive producers world-wide, although we use one sort of material only: POLYURETHANE. This is the best foam there is to fulfil high-tech demands of first-class seat comfort like climatic conditions, lightness, durability, quality and high class design. We have worked with POLYURETHANE since the 1960s. In more than 40 years we have improved our performance in all fields of our company. The trust of the automotive industry in our know-how and products has made proseat one of today’s leading manufacturers in Europe.
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